Some Amazing Pictures of Sydney Countryside

Sydney is one of the most beautiful places in Australia and is the main city of New South Wales state. The city of Sydney has a lot of modern and historic buildings and travel attractions which makes is a prime tourist place in Australia. Overall, Sydney has a vibrant atmosphere which is suited for travellers from any parts of the world. Apart from the city of Sydney, there are a lot of places on the outskirts or country side of Sydney which are marked for its amazing natural beauty and extra ordinary atmosphere.

The country side of Sydney is loved by travellers without any doubts and the outskirts of Sydney are something that is to be visited on your travel trip to Sydney. As with any typical Australian country side, Sydney’s outskirts have an amazing greenish beauty which comprises of hills, small forests, beaches and amazing roads. The roads that lead to the outskirts of Sydney really look amazing and are worth making a trip along.

For all those who plan their travel to Sydney, it is highly recommended to visit the travel attractions that exists on the outskirts of Sydney and for those who are interested in staying away from the fast city life and enjoy the beauty of nature, then there will not be any other place better than the country side travel places of Sydney. The roads are marked with trees on the either side which keeps away the sun and heat, and there are also typical Australian village houses that are seen lined along the side of the roads.

The country side places of Sydney are considered to be the best place to hang around with your friends, family and even to plan a gran outdoor picnic to have enough fun and excitement. The serene beauty of the hills, beaches and trees present on the outskirts are indeed a real treat to the human eyes and travelers are sure to be going to have a great travel experience. So if you are travelling to Sydney with your friends or family, then it is better to visit the rural or the country side area for a better travel experience.

Here are some amazing, cool and yet mind blowing images of the outskirts of Sydney which includes roads, trees, rural houses, the three sisters mountains, great ocean ride beach etc. Hope that you enjoy the pictures.

The Great Ocean Ride Beach in Sydney Countryside

A Countryside Road in Sydney

A Small Stree in the Countryside of Sydney

A Beautiful Countryside Road and Hills in Sydney

Another Beautiful Countryside Road in Sydney

A Beautiful Countryside Town in Sydney

The Great Ocean Beach Ride in Sydney

The Great Ocean Beach Ride View in Sydney Countryside

The Three Sisters in Blue Mountains at Sydney Countryside

Houses in the Side of a Countryside Road in Sydney


A Beautiful Countryside Road in Sydney

Phillip Island – A Travel Destination Worth Exploring in Australia

For those who are visiting Australia and are eagerly looking for some calm travel destinations which is free from the noise and crowds that are seen in the urban travel locations, the Phillip Island is one of the best place to be. Known for its calm and serene geographical features, the Phillip Island is one of the best travel destinations for you to visit with your family or friends. The Phillip Island is 140 km south-southeast of Melbourne and this large island on the Western Port Bay is less than 2 hours drive from Melbourne. This beautiful island is separated from the mainland by a water channel and is connected to the mainland with the help of a bridge.

There are few towns on the island and Cowes is considered as the main town followed by other towns such as Rhyll, Newhaven, Cape Woolamai and Ventnor. The island’s main source of income is the tourism industry and this clearly speaks about the importance of this island in the tourism map of Australia. The island boasts of a  Motor Racing Circuit, where the  annual Australian Grand Prix is held and this attracts a lot of motor sports fan.


The beauty of the Island and its surroundings are something that can take you to a new level of travel experience and apart from there is ample opportunity to explore the beauty and you can also take some breaks at the cafes and restaurants available at the Phillip Island. For those looking for a calm and quite place to spend their vacation travel in Australia, there is no better place than the Phillip Island.

The Phillp Island in Australia is considered to be apt for all type of travellers, either be it for couples, family or friends. The climate is also very much suited for tourism industry and you can see travellers in Phillip Island during most part of the year. Majority of the travel tour operators can help you in exploring the majestic beauty of the Phillip Island and its surroundings. You just need to identify the best travel tour operator and hire them for  a better travel experience in the Phillip Island and also in Australia.


The Melbourne Zoo and its Attractions

Melbourne, the most astonishing city in Australia and a major travel destination is blessed with a lot of attractions and hot spots that attracts tourists from different parts of the world.  You will never feel short of travel attractions and places to visit once you reach Melbourne. The beautiful city of Melbourne has a lot of amazing travel attractions for different types of travellers and one of the most visited place in Melbourne that tend to attract travelers irrespective of their age is the Melbourne Zoo.

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The Amazing Undara Volcanic National Park in Australia

When it comes to visiting untouched travel destinations, Australia is one of best places to be as there are a large number of natural and unexplored travel spots worth visiting. One such destination is the Undara Volcanic National Park, which is marked for its incredible lava tubes which are formed by volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago. The Undara Volcanic National Park in North Queensland, Australia is a massive system of Lava Tubes, which are one of the most astonishing and untouched travel spots in Australia. The Undara National Park is best for those interested in nature watching and similar activities. The lava tubes at the Undara Volcanic National Park are one of the longest of its kind in the world and are more of an untouched and unexplored travel destination in Australia.

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The Amazing Winter Tourism in Australia

Australia’s growing reputation as a major travel tour destination is not confined just to its natural beauty as well as man made architecture; rather the climate also has a major role to play. Australia experiences a pleasant climate throughout the year and it has all the major climatic conditions such as summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter. When compared with the climatic conditions in other major travel destinations across the world, the climate in Australia is very much different and the various seasons occur during entirely different periods of the year.

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5 Exciting Island Getaways In Australia

Australia, The smallest continent is never dwarfed by its size. It is truly a treasure trove of attractions both seen and unseen! While tourist attractions on land are aplenty, those below the ocean are to be explored and experienced. And what better way to see what’s below than to explore the islands of the world down under?

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9 Interesting Melbourne Day Trip Ideas for You

If you are visiting Melbourne in Australia and you wish to take a day trip, there are many options available to you. Actually Melbourne is one of the hot travel spots in Australia and also a beautiful and vibrant city. The city is marked for its amazing culture, modern as well as heritage buildings and also for the countryside that surrounds the city. People from different parts of the world find this city a place worth visiting. For those visiting Melbourne in a tight schedule, here are some interesting Melbourne Day Trip Ideas that will help you to enjoy this amazing travel destination in Australia.

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4 Major Types of Australian Travel Beaches

Australia is one of the top travel tour destinations in the world and  has  huge resources for the travelers.  There are the beautiful cities, country side, villages, mountains, hills, monuments and beaches which attracts a large number of travelers from across the world.  The beaches of Australia are something  that has become the trademark of tourism industry in Australia and people travel from different countries to visit the amazing beaches of Australia.

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Why You Should Take the Adventure Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most significant landmarks of Sydney and is held with high importance as far as the tourism industry is considered. The Sydney Harbour Bridge add more flavor to the overall tourism industry in Sydney and is one of the most unique type of Bridge in the whole of Australia. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the best place to spend your time while you are on your travel trip to Sydney.

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5 Important Museums to Visit in Sydney

As we all know, Sydney is one of the most reputed travel destination in Australia and the reason is pretty clear from my other travel blog posts on Sydney. The high rising buildings, the bridge, river, the beautiful country side, beaches, restaurants etc makes Sydney a perfect holiday destination in New South Wales. As per various resources, Sydney attracts a large number of travelers from across the world throughout the year and this clearly speaks about Sydney’s potential as a major tourist spot in Australia. Read more »