5 Exciting Island Getaways In Australia

Australia, The smallest continent is never dwarfed by its size. It is truly a treasure trove of attractions both seen and unseen! While tourist attractions on land are aplenty, those below the ocean are to be explored and experienced. And what better way to see what’s below than to explore the islands of the world down under?

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Below are top 5 exciting island getaways in Australia where you can relax yourself, Reenergize your spirits, Play exciting beach games and of course have the delicious Australian sea food. Sounds tempting! Isn’t it? Fly down under and experience the tranquillity of these islands and dive down under to discover the hidden depths of the ocean!

1.Rottnest Island
A ferry ride from Perth takes you to Western Australia’s Rottnest Island. Rottnest Island gained prominence on the world map after gaining entry into the World Heritage as a listed wonder! The locals call it ‘Rotto’. Enjoy the salubrious coastal climate in this unpolluted island on a bike as cars and other vehicles are banned here. Rottnest Island is an exciting milieu where you’d be witness to a whole range of experiences from the ancient to the modern. Befriending the Aboriginals who have inhabited the island since 6,500 years is an interesting as well as an enriching experience. Watch Quokkas (a kind of marsupial) eat out of your hand. Visiting colonial buildings in Rottnest is like being transported to another era. The Neds Beach is considered to be the cleanest beach here. A must-see here is the Rottnest Museum which enlightens you about the history of the island during the times of World War.

2. Tiwi Islands
Tread into the secretive lives of the Tiwis or ‘We People’, who’re Aboriginals and whose lives are ensconced in sacredness in northern Australia’s Tiwi Islands. The Tiwis known for the private life they lead immerse themselves in their paintings and art. Wading into the rainforest here and bathing under the natural waterfalls is the most romantic thing to do if you book your honeymoon to the Tiwi Islands. Secluded form prying eyes and shrouded by foliage, it is but natural that Tiwi Islands is a secret Island getaway in Australia! You’d glut your bags with the art forms of the Aboriginals, which include conch shells that are vividly painted, silk-screened clothing with batik prints in vibrant colors, woven bangles and elegant pottery.

3. Kangaroo Island
Southern Australia boasts of the Kangaroo Island whose pristine beaches, prolific wildlife and lush grassland are a treat to your senses! The vast coastline is as alluring as it is mystical. Get off the beaten track and follow the nature trails here and click away the beauty of the ocean from land. The Harriet River offers you kayaking activities and bird watching opportunities. The serenity of the beach is something you’d cherish all your life!

4. Queensland Islands
Talking about Australia’s islands, Queensland rules the roost! In this northern territory, Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef Island is a honeymooner’s haven! Sink into the hammocks and bask under the warmth of the sun in Queensland. Queensland’s expansive coastline is ideal for family vacations and adventure tours too. Dreamland Island, Queensland is kaleidoscopic with live coral bordering the island and a display of colorful fish in its waters! A tropic jungle with lush greenery inhabited by vivid birds completes the picture!

5. King Island
With beautiful Queensland around, can the King be far behind? King Island, in northern Tasmania is a secluded isle, whose abandoned shoreline makes for a perfect romantic escapade! Its rocky beaches, reefs and tall lighthouses cast a bewitching spell on this island, whose lasting aura will be cherished forever! The place also houses 70 shipwreck sites, making it more poignant!

Live in a cocoon in one of these island getaways in Australia, far from the frenetic flock and discover the natural gems nature has to offer!

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