5 Major Outdoor Travel Attractions to See in Sydney

Sydney is such a travel destination in Australia, which is well known for its amazing beauty and marvelous city life. Sydney is unarguably one of the hot travel spots in Australia and this beautiful city in New South Wales has everything to make it a perfect holiday destination for people of all ages. This is quite evident from the amount of travelers visiting this beautiful Australian city from across the world.

Sydney is well known for its beauty, natural resources and other historical buildings which are very much popular among the tourists. There are outdoor as well as indoor travel attractions and destinations in Sydney which makes the tourism industry more flexible. Those who are interested in indoor travel exploration can opt for the indoor travel attractions in Sydney, whereas those interested in visiting the outdoor travel spots can go for that also.

If we talk about the outdoor travel attractions of Sydney, a huge list will come into our mind and at times it seems very much difficult to select the best among them. I have hardly managed to pick up 5 major outdoor travel attractions to see in Sydney and I have picked it based on the various travel feedbacks published on various online resources. So let us have a look at the 5 major outdoor travel attractions of Sydney.

1) The Coastal Walk from Bondi to Coogee Beach
The area from Bondi to Cogee Beach is one of the best travel attractions in Sydney and the Bondi to Coongee Beach extends for almost 6 kms on the eastern suburbs of Sydney. This spot is really an amazing place to be while on your trip to Sydney as you will be able to get some amazing views of the beach, cliffs, parks, rock pools and bays. You can also find a good number of cafes, hotels, restaurants or takeaways at the beach and the parks where you will be able to relax, have food and enjoy the beauty of the beach and its surroundings. The walk is almost 2 hours long and you will not find any difficulty in walking all along as the path is well maintained and you will also be able to see seats where you can take a break while on your walk with family or friends.

2) Cremorne Point – Mosman for a Bay Walk
If you are not yet satisfied with your natural beauty exploration by foot, then there is something more that can extend your sightseeing activities at Sydney. The Cremorne Point to Mosman bay walk is sure to provide an amazing bushwalking experience which helps you to explore the Cremorne Reserve, splendid harbour views, amazing gardens and a side trip to the Robertsons Point lighthouse. The area is considered to be a major travel attraction in Sydney and is one of the best places to take a walk, rest and at the same time enjoy the beauty of the nature. The destination is considered to be the best place to enjoy with your family or friends and since there areĀ  a lot of things to see, you need to allocate enough time in your travel schedule.

3) Cronulla Beach
The Cronulla Beach is one of the most important outdoor travel attractions in Sydney and this is yet another beach which is known for its amazing beauty and other facilities. The Cronulla Beach also offers a less challenging walk experience as it has a well maintained path and one can take a walk along the beach and rock till the shelly beach. The place is a perfect holiday destination to enjoy with kids, family and friends and this is quite evident from the number of travelers coming to this place. While you reach the top during your walk, you can take a rest, enjoy the beauty of the beach and also watch the beach surfers in action.

4) Chinese Garden of Friendship
The Chinese Garden of Friendship in Sydney is an amazing garden which houses waterfalls, bridges and ponds which are filled with fishes. The Chinese Garden of Friendship was designed by construction experts from China and the overall designs takes us back to the 5th century. The Chinese Garden of Friendship is only a step away from the Darling Harbour and from the hectic city life and offers an amazing and calm atmosphere. Whether you are alone, or with family and friend, this place is a must to visit outdoor travel destination in Sydney.

5) Centennial Park in Sydney
Centennial Park in Sydney is a beautiful lush landscaped park which has a walking track along its edge extending upto 4 kilometers. Considered as a best place to view and enjoy a calm atmosphere, you will be able to see turtles and ducks which swims in the river below a bridge at the Centennial Park. You will also be provided with an opportunity to take a break and have a coffee while enjoying the beauty of the Centennial Park in Sydney. Apart from taking a walk to explore the park, you can also try other methods such as jogging or cycling which will be more interesting and body energy refreshing activity.

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