9 Interesting Melbourne Day Trip Ideas for You

If you are visiting Melbourne in Australia and you wish to take a day trip, there are many options available to you. Actually Melbourne is one of the hot travel spots in Australia and also a beautiful and vibrant city. The city is marked for its amazing culture, modern as well as heritage buildings and also for the countryside that surrounds the city. People from different parts of the world find this city a place worth visiting. For those visiting Melbourne in a tight schedule, here are some interesting Melbourne Day Trip Ideas that will help you to enjoy this amazing travel destination in Australia.

1) First, there is a Great Ocean Road Tour From Melbourne, where you will be able to view the koalas in their natural environment.  This trip will then move on to the Otway Ranges where you will be able to take a walk through the rain forest.  The next stop on this tour is the Port Campbell National Park, which has “The Twelve Apostles” to look at, and are actually offshore rock formations.  You will also be able to take a ride in a helicopter if you choose in order to see the coastline from up above.  Also do visit the Shipwreck Coast and to Loch Ard Gorge, which is where many shipwrecks are.  This has its name because of Loch Ard, as this went down in 1878 and only two people lived.

2) A second  Melbourne day trip idea would be the Yarra Valley Wine and Winery Tour.  This trip  will last for about eight hours and During your tour, you will be able to visit three very well known wineries:  Rochford Winery, Domaine Chandon, and Yering Station.  You can stop for tastings of the wine at the Yering Station as well as Rochford Winery.  There will be guides who will share how you can can really appreciate and taste the delicious wines you have the opportunity to sample on this tour.  You can have lunch at the Rochford Winery and decide on the glass of wine you want at the door of the cellar.  After you eat lunch, you will be able to taste the wines at the cellar door of Yering Farm.  You will also have an amazing tour of the Domaine Chandon winery, which has been award-winning, and it has been known for its beautiful scenery and wines that are sparkling.

3) Another day tour idea in Melbourne is the Phillip Island Little Penguins Parade, and this is a trip in the evening that will take about six hours.  If you decide to take this tour, you will be able to see the penguins come out of the surf and then go to their dune burrows and safety.  You will be able to see the penguins feed the young penguins with the anchovies and the pilchards they have.  This tour will leave Melbourne in the latter part of the afternoon.  It will go along with the Yarra River and through the city to the suburbs of Melbourne and then to Phillip Island.  You will additionally be able to see the mutton birds as well as other types of seabirds on this tour.  You will also learn about some issues regarding the environment and conservation and how you can help protect the wildlife that exists there.

4) Another day trip that is recommended is the Savannah Walkabout Australian Animals Eco Tour, and this is a tour that will last about eight hours.  If you love to see koalas and kangaroos in the wild, you will love this tour.  You can easily hire a naturalist to guide you, and  can watch these animals in their natural habitat.  You will also be able to see many of the birds that are present in this area as well and a bush lunch is also recommended on this tour.  Walk through the groups of kangaroos and also get a glimpse of the cockatoos, emus, as well as many other animals and birds.  There are many wild koalas that live here and it is likely to see a number of sightings of these animals.  The environments here will provide a window into the life of these amazing creatures as well as the culture of the indigenous people.  While this particular tour is mostly through vehicles, you will be able to spend a large part of the day out of the vehicle walking over ground that is generally flat.  This means that to travel on this tour, one has to walk without assistance for at minimum 500 meters on dirt that is uneven.

5) The next Melbourne day tour idea that is recommended is the Mt. Buller Ski Tour from Melbourne, which will last around fourteen hours, and it will take you to the ski resort located in Melbourne.  The popular ski resort is close to an international airport in Australia and tour will begin with a drive through the Yarra Valley, and you will pass the country townships such as Bonnie Doon and Yea followed by a visit to the Victoria’s High Country at Mansfield.  After arriving at the snow fields of Mt Buller, there will be time to  explore the village, make use of the chair lift, and also receive much advice from those who are experts there.

6) The next potential day trip in Melbourne is the Great Ocean Shipwrecks and the Wild Clifftops Luxury Small Group Ecotour which will be about ten hours long.  Go through the Otway Rainforest and view the “12 Apostles” rock formations and also stop at the Loch Ard Gorge, where you will be able to understand about a story of the shipwreck that occurred there at the gorge.  Also view the suburbs and Port Phillip Bay as you look out from the top part of Westgate Bridge on your tour.  A visit to the western plains of Victoria that was volcanic, will be able to show you where the settlers from Europe pushed their way into the Otway Ranges and created homesteads and properties for sheep.  You can travel through Geelong and will be able to view the port that was the center location of trade during the 1800s and the gold rush time.  Next visit the dairy farmland and sheep farmland and view the valleys of the rainforest.  Also don’t forget to visit the London Bridge rock formation and the Shipwreck Coast.  Explore the site of the Loch Ard shipwreck and travel back to the city of Melbourne.

7) A trip to the Warrock Cattle and Sheep Farm, the Koalas, and the Penguin Parade Day Tour is another major Melbourne day trip idea that you will really enjoy.  This tour will take about thirteen hours and will have to travel to a real working farm in Australia.  This Warrook farm is a 300 acre cattle farm that is just an hour away from Melbourne where you can see the homestead that has antique furniture inside, watch the sheep dogs as they work, and even attempt milking a cow if you would like to try.  Also grab the chance to feed the wombats, baby farm animals, and kangaroos.  Do visit Phillip Island so that  you can view the Penguin Parade there.

8) An interesting Melbourne day tour idea that is sure to thrill you is the Historic Echuca and Bendigo Tour which would inlcude the Murray River Paddle Steamer Cruise.  This may be the perfect tour for those interested in exploring the Victorian countryside.  The paddle steamer is the P.V. Canberra, and it will take you along the river and into the town of Echuca, which is an historic town.  You will be able to see the Victorian countryside as well as its era of paddle boats on a river highway and also be able to go along the Murray River and into the historic Echuca.  Also take a cruise and explore the port that has been restored prior to heading into Bendigo so that you can see the old buildings of this town.

9) The final Melbourne day trip idea is the Ballarat and Sovereign Hill Day Tour that has an Optional Wildlife Park visit.  This day tour is about nine hours in length and you will have the opportunity of experiencing the gold Rush time period.  View the replica, Sovereign Hill, of the town of gold mining, and you will be able to see the mines underground, take a ride on a stagecoach, and even spend time panning for gold.  Also go through the shops and walk around the main street in order to visit the craftsmen and the goldsmiths who are at work.  On your walk, you will be able to see the architecture of the Victorian period.  An additional option for this tour is the trip to the Ballarat Wildlife Park where you will have the option of getting up close to the creatures from the Australian bush.  You may even see a crocodile!

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